School of Finance is one of the first colleges in Xuzhou university of Technology to offer undergraduate programs. and it is also one of the largest colleges in the school. The predecessor of the college was the Department of International Trade and Economics established in 1983. In 2006, with the increase and adjustment of majors, the university established the School of Economics and the School of Management. In November 2019, according to the needs of regional economic and business development, the school has re-adjusted its major’s layout and established the School of Finance.

    The School of Finance currently has 77 faculty members, including 10 professors, 31 associate professors, and 26 lecturers; of which 68 have PhD and master degrees. At present, the university has five undergraduate programs such as: Financial management, Accounting, Economics, Economics and finance, and Credit management with more than 2,600 students. Among them, the major of Financial management is the featured program in Jiangsu Province (2008), the fourth batch of national characteristic major of higher education awarded by the Ministry of Education and the Ministry of Finance (2009),key undergraduate major of Jiangsu Province (2012), and the brand major of Jiangsu Province (Class A in 2015); Major of Accounting is the key undergraduate major of Jiangsu province.

    With the aim of training applied talents, the college vigorously cultivates students' practical and innovative abilities and broadens their career paths. In recent years, nearly 300 students enter intoPeking University, Shanghai University of Finance and Economics, Xiamen University, the University of Liverpool, New York University and other well-known universities both at home and abroad to have further study for graduate degrees. The annual employment rate remains above 98%. Students have won more than 150 awards in various competitions such as the International Mathematical Modeling Competition, Challenge Cup Competition ofthe National College Student, National College Business Elite Challenge, the National College Student Innovation and Entrepreneurship Competition, and the National Financial Knowledge Competition.